• Fibre Optic Patch Panel
  • Fibre Optic Patch Panel


Fibre Optic Patch Panel

  • Support standard 19-inch rack and cabinet installation
  • Guide type adopts silent drawing design, which is convenient for optical fiber construction and maintenance
  • The back panel can be opened, and an optical fiber fusion disk is attached for easy construction
  • Self-contained closed cable trough on the front increases the bending radius of the cable and makes the wiring beautiful
  • All entrances and exits are covered with rubber protective sleeves to prevent rats and insects from entering
  • Couplings with various specifications such as ST, SC, LC, etc.


Model No. Description Unit
DFD1UU 1U Fibre Optical Patch Panel without pre-installation Piece
DFD1US 1U Fibre optic rail distribution frame without pre-installation Piece